Columbia Glasses & Sunglasses Bring the Great Outdoors into Focus

Columbia Eyewear Brings the Great Outdoors into Focus

Posted Aug 11, 2017 | Fashion & Trends

Oh, deer! Nature is calling…are you ready to answer? Packing for a camping or backpacking trip can be in-tents, so creating a packing list is essential.

A true outdoorsman knows how important a good pair of glasses is when you’re out in the wilderness; without them, conditions can be un-bear-able.

If you love all things nature, Columbia eyewear is in your neck of the woods. Perfect for tough and rugged terrain, their eyewear is the most sensible option if you’re looking to hit the trail, lake, or mountainside. They are an essential part of adventuring—and we’re not kindling!

Masculine, gear-inspired textures and lightweight designs allow for comfort on those long outdoor adventures. Vibrant natural colors, like blues, browns, and greens, embody the most beautiful of landscapes. The rubber nose pads ensure optimal grip, and the patterns inside the temples pull moisture away from you, leaving you with long-lasting comfort so you can make the most of your time outside.

Some Columbia sunglasses are foldable, perfect for the space-saving outdoorsman. Just like your foldable chairs and other outdoor equipment, your glasses can shrink down to a more compact size, leaving more room in your backpack for other gear.

Columbia eyewear offers 100% UV protection to shield your eyes from the sun’s unforgiving rays. Polarized lens options are great for all things outdoors because they reduce glare, especially on the water; they are ideal for fishing, biking, and hiking.

The benefits of Columbia eyewear are unbe-leaf-able, and the prices are nothing to growl about. Sunglasses start at just $99 and eyeglasses start at $146, both including prescription or non-prescription lenses. Connect your vision benefits and save even more at checkout!

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